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There's nothing extreme about being a water athlete. Awaken the athlete inside you today.

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We visited 2 days in a row because the first day on jet skis was so fun. Did I mention that the staff were amazing and friendly. Day 2, staff went to purchase an infant life jacket to fit baby because he didn't have one. Best 2 days of vacation! Thank you AB Watersports!!! June 2016

It's all in the palm of your hands ...

Take our guided tour to a landmark of the SOBX, the Cape Lookout Lighthouse, and bring a camera to capture the beauty of the islands.

Mike Guerra, our owner at AB Watersport Adventures, grew up in eastern North Carolina. Never far from the water, he made his passion his business. Today, AB Watersports works with customers across the country who visit the area.

Whether you're a novice or an expert, we've got the gear you need at AB Watersport Adventures to take on your personal adventures. Check out our rates at AB Watersport Adventures, and learn from some of the best guides out there.

No matter the season, we're always game for some serious fun. From paddleboarding, jet skiing, surfing, kayaking, waterbikes, we've got the gear and team you need for a real thrill. Jet ski rentals, Kayak rentals, Paddleboard rentals and more...

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